Love Letter to the Freaks

Love Letter to the Freaks

I’m looking at the calendar, and cannot believe that the seasons are changing. Summer is close, but behind us, and Autumn is threatening to be here. It makes me wonder if everything actually happened? It’s only this past week that I’ve had the time to actually reflect on everything that has gone down. Life-changing, neck-breaking, breath-taking events of these past few months.

At night, as I’m crossing the line between being awake and being asleep, there is this peaceful place, where I’m floating like I’m in water. Kind of what I imagine flying to be like.  It feels familiar. Like jumping off a cliff and hoping to grow wings on the way down. Or at least hoping that something is there to catch me. #dreamstate

Juliyana Ashlynn‏@scenegrandma
Wish I could go back to that night at #FON it was magical


On May 26, 2012 I began the Freaks of Nature tour in Las Vegas. I dreamt of this experience where I could connect with the people who listen to my music. I wanted to create an atmosphere that gave us the chance to see each other, to try and erase the disconnect between artist and fan. I wanted to share lights and sound, tension and release, hype and revelation. More than anything, I wanted to let my audience in on the way music makes me feel. How I experience it.

Claudio Gonzalez‏@claudiogonzalez
@kaskade I’d never felt so much love in one place. Best show ever! #FON Tampa, FL

From New York to Toronto, Cleveland to Philadelphia, Gibbons to Miami, the Big Texas Four to the epic Staples center in LA, outdoor storms in Denver, and ending in Calgary I played venues and after parties with as many people as I could possibly find. That was the idea. To connect. To share. To be freaks together.

Samwell Jackson‏@SeveralPeople
@kaskade I was there. I Remember. #FON


I posted pictures from each crowd on Instagram at the same point in my set. I can look at those pictures and remember particulars about that night. Sure, they blur together – but I notice small things. The guy who doesn’t stop dancing no matter what. The girl who smiles like she’s really and truly happy. The couple singing to each other, the friends holding hands and grabbing for confetti out of the air. I see my audience. I feel what you’re sending to me. I hear you singing.

Alyssa Monique‏@alysteez
I get chills watching the freaks come out @kaskade#FON <333

@leahpet_: @kaskade you like pictures of your self >.>” I like pics of the crowd and the chaos, capture the moment. not me.

And I read. I read your comments on Twitter, I see the pictures you post on Instagram, I see you posturing and being proud of your city. I’m amazed at the support and proud of what we all created together. It isn’t about vanity or being a celebrity. This tour was my love letter to my fans. To let you know that I’ll continue to create if you’ll continue to dance.

Thank you @kaskade for allowing us to be part of something bigger than ourselves to be part of #FON, a truly amazing experience


It’s you who catches me when I jump. All of you Freaks of Nature who put my feet safely on Terra Firma and allow me to keep trying to fly. Thank you.

Sonya Yi‏@sonya_yay
@kaskade #FON is never over. It lives on forever.