Is a DJ Mag Poll Relevance

Is a DJ Mag Poll Relevance

Ok, I’m going to make this easy for the people who won’t take five minutes to read this entire piece, and want something sensational and negative to walk away with. Here’s your headline:

Kaskade totally upset by non-win on Top 100 DJ Poll! Blasts DJ Mag in tumblr blog!! Having meltdown!!! Increasing exclamation point usage in increments of one per sentence!!!!

For the rest of you who can hang for a second, there’s something you should know.

DJ Mag is releasing their Top 100 DJ results today. This lights up my Twitter feed and Facebook page, with affirmations that I’ve been voted for, and hope for a solid placement.

Can’t wait to see your spot on the DJ mag top 100 tomorrow. Should I get the champagne and confetti ready? Dude you’ve worked so hard this year and it really shows 😉

Hey Devin, thanks. Seriously.

But I really need everyone to understand this: I do not care. 

That’s not to say I’m disconnected from my audience. In fact, I would say my connection with the people who enjoy what I do is important, in the extreme. This past summer when I was able to sell out the the Staples Center, it was a message to me. Not that my fans had some time to log onto a site and press a button, but that my fans would support me by showing up. They support me by listening, by buying tracks, by dancing at a show, and by taking in the art that I am creating. That is gratifying. Conversely, I am largely unmoved by the graphic of a thumbs up on a computer screen next to a number, or a dodgy poll that has nothing to do with actual music.

I’m feeling that.

I’m not saying the things that I crave are better, worse, or the same as other artists. Awards and accolades are lovely. Being reviewed positively by peers and fans is awesome. And if placing in the Top 10 of a popularity contest/marketing bonanza quenches your thirst then drink it up.

While I do appreciate a person taking their time to vote for me, it’s ok if you’d rather spend your time doing something else. This type of competition, poll, award whatever is not on my radar. I don’t have the bandwidth to campaign for an event that mainly exists as a stunt for Facebook and website page views. And while the integrity of the voting process has never actually been solid, the bigger and somewhat embarrassing question is, does EDM actually need a Prom King or Homecoming Queen? I didn’t jockey for the title in High School, and I’m not doing it now.