Power, Corruption & Lies

Power, Corruption & Lies

I heard Kaskade tickets for NYEcost 1 vile of blood, 1 kidney, and your first born male child.

— Jessie(@JessieVenom)

November 20, 2012

Ha! Yes it has been a fun few days on my Social Media. But even if I am getting slaughtered in your Twitter feed I can laugh, because let’s face it, we are not talking about war or hunger or natural disasters or anything too tragic. It’s just music.

Anybody else a little upset that @kaskade will not be in the tri state area for New Years?

— IHRTEDM (@IHRTEDM) November 21, 2012

Back in the day, New Order was one of my favorite bands. Not only did I love their music but I loved their back story, rising from the ashes of iconic Joy Division to become something totally different, but arguably just as good. So I would see them EVERY CHANCE I GOT!

That amounted to seeing them three times in my life. Three times. Yep, three times… over all these years.

So things are different now. The recording industry has changed and audiences have different expectations. DJ’s can tour and put on shows more frequently than the bands of years past. So our audience expects us to show up more often. We are expected to be there on key nights of their lives, like a favorite uncle.

I am pretty sure that I’ve performed over 2,500 shows in the past ten years. It’s safe to say to say that if you’ve had the inclination to see me, you have in fact seen me. Maybe even multiple times. And there’s a fair amount of responsibility, which I take seriously, in making sure there’s a balance struck in the type of venue and shows I will play.

Not surprisingly, I would like as many people who will dig my music to be exposed to it. I do want to share it, there is something very gratifying in sharing my music with the world.

In that vein, I’m the guy who is happy to bring all types into the family. I welcome rockaholics, hipsters, hippies, yuppies, moms, dads, teachers, crossing guards, toddlers, artists, teens, bankers, bakers or anyone else who is just willing to lose themselves in it. I don’t have a type, freaks are bigger than that.

Mom asks my Dad to put on some dinner music. Dad puts on @kaskade. Mom says “I said dinner music”. Dad replies “Its just the Ice mix”

— Bryant Kohler (@BryantKohler) November 21, 2012

Balance and diversity.

If the opportunities are there, I will make and play music until I’m dead. And in order to facilitate that goal of having music be my life, I perform on a spectrum. For the most part, I live in the space where any grabbing hand can touch me. But sometimes I have to go to the other spots, to the places where you wouldn’t expect me to be. I can’t apologize for that because it’s not an accident. I will always try to play a variety of venues and type of shows, from private parties to big room bonanzas and everything in between. This means some gigs will be stompers while others are more subdued. This is by design, and an important part of the balance I strive for.