Kaskade Christmas

Kaskade Christmas

I have always loved Christmas music. I grew up singing it with my family at Church which was the gateway to my High School Varsity Choir. This choir would travel all over Chicago and even landed in NYC to perform a concert series of Holiday classics. I know. Varsity Choir. You can stop rolling your eyes now I see you. But the experience was amazing and just deepened my appreciation for Christmas music.

All these years later, I’ve been able to put my own collection of Holiday music together and am really excited to have it out this season. This is my Christmas album. I love the challenge of taking music that I have grown up with and producing it in a way that is new and modern. To add my imprint to classic songs is fun for me, and my die-hard fans will be familiar with the ways I make them my own. Some of the songs are huge departures from the original style, while others stick within the main framework. Add that to a few originals and…I am really proud of what I have created here.

I understand that after being assaulted by karaoke versions of Wham! Christmas songs over the years some people may not be open to trying out some new Holiday tunes. To them I say: Get with the Christmas spirit, homie! Christmas is fun, so is the music, and I’m here to bust up all the preconceived notions about what it should sound like. The mood of the season is about imagination, hope and love. There’s a lot that goes on in Holiday music that you don’t get to hear any other time of the year. And I got you – these songs can be your new winter soundtrack.

I hope you enjoy the album. It was inspiring to put it together and I love all the songs. Press play, sit back with your hot cocoa and your loved ones, or simply plug in your headphones and chill. This is for everyone, regardless of what you believe. This is music – straight up good vibes and good times with some merry ho ho ho’s.

“Kaskade Christmas” Out November 24th.

Listen to “Deck the Halls” now.