2017 continued the pattern we’ve all been noticing. Music, getting together and creating celebratory moments is becoming more important. Rinsing it out on a dance floor is therapy, a kind we all can benefit from. It’s safe to bet that each of us has had a terrible moment this year, from feeling aghast at the world and some of the people in it, or losing someone close to us. 2017 could have been one of those years that kept kicking you in the head. But I’ve learned that even in these tough years – the moments we create together shine so much brighter and keep us tethered in positivity. We did so much together this year.

It was about all of us.





@kaskade Wow! Just looked thru #Kaskade2017 & as amazing as all of these moments were, lezzbehonest—2017 was about @KaskadeKonnect!!!! Your squad came all the way thru coast2coast, not just to see you, but to see EACH OTHER. HOW BOUT THAT!!!#MusicSoundsBetterWithYou

— G (@ohhmygeeg) December 9, 2017


Hands down an amazing @kaskade filled year! Thanks for getting me on a plane and helping me meet new friends! Sunsoaked .. Cincy.. HB.. Brooklyn.. ???????? #kaskade2017 pic.twitter.com/CnAn2u10yF