Q: Is AUTOMATIC a full-length album or a tour that Kaskade is doing?
Q: Uh,Ok? So about that album, when does it go on sale?
A: Pre-Order begins August 21. It comes out on September 25.
Q: Why would I even bother pre-ordering it? It's not like you're going to run out of digital copies.
A: That's true smart guy. But if you pre-order, you can immediately download “We Don't Stop”! Also, you don't have to set an alert with Siri to remind you to buy it on release. Siri will thank you for letting her have the day off.
Q: Are there any ways I can get a copy of AUTOMATIC without paying for it?
A: YES. If you buy an admission ticket to either XS Las Vegas or Encore Beach Club between now and Labor Day Weekend, you will receive a free download of AUTOMATIC.
Q: Any other ways? I am not headed to Las Vegas.
A: Why do you hate fun?
Q: Why are you answering a question with a question? How can I get a copy of the album without buying it?
A: OK - If you buy a ticket to AUTOMATIC the tour, you will also receive a free download of AUTOMATIC the album.
Q: Surely you're not serious.
A: I am always super extra serious.
Q: That rules, I'm in. I want that tour and I want that album. What do I do?
A: Go to www.KaskadeMusic.com and sign up for pre-sale AUTOMATIC tour tickets.
Q: What's the benefit of buying tour Pre-Sale Tour Tickets?
A: These are the least-expensive tickets, and they go fast.  Pre-Sale is where it's at. By signing up, you'll get a code that will let you know when and where to get those tix. I am saving you an embarrassing trip to Stub Hub.
Q: Has anyone ever mentioned your hair smells of Peaches?
A: Actually, it's strawberries.