Brazil 2017

Starting 2017 off the right way by touring Brazil from the jump. This place never stops feeling good. Check the dates and places then get your tickets NOW! kaskade_brazil_2017

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Incase x Kaskade

Of the things I’m uniquely qualified to have an opinion on, traveling would be first on the list. The most integral part of being a seasoned traveler is knowing how to pack, what to pack, and most importantly, what to pack it in. Go check the first-ever Incase x Kaskade capsule collection, available online now. Read More


12402124_10154758565268973_1830913705124286792_o It’s been a tough year world-wide. I read somewhere that this year was proof that David Bowie actually did hold the fabric of the universe together. We lost him and everything went a little haywire. But as we emerge and look around there were some very high points.

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Kaskade & L’Tric vs. Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

This collaboration between Kaskade and L’Tric has been the topic of many tweets, FB status updates, Instagram posts and Snapchat stories, as everyone who has heard it on the floor has been trying to figure out where to get it. Not altering the too-perfect classic vocals but combining them with crazy sexy bass + beats, this

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