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Big Heads

Hi-res images that are perfect for printing your very own Kaskade Big Head! Click any image below to download a copy.

Size: 46MB

Size: 99MB

Size: 28MB

Size: 72MB

Size: 46MB


Follow these instructions (including a video) to build your own Kaskade Big Head:


  • Big Head – roughly $20 dollars at Staples. Bring the downloaded photo on a flash drive
  • Poster board
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue Sticks
  • Tape
  • Wooden sticks (get creative! Pool noodles, balloons… whatever you can find to support the Big Head)


  1. Print out Big Head
  2. Get a poster and scissors
  3. Cut out Big Head
  4. Glue Big Head onto poster
  5. Trim poster board
  6. Tape wooden sticks on the back of the Big Head
  7. HAVE FUN!!!!



Click any image to download a Kaskade-themed wallpaper for your phone.

* Wallpapers are iOS7 “Parallax” ready!


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