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Alicia Keys x Kaskade – In Common

Sometimes, I take requests...

I'm a user/abuser of social media. I use it to announce singles, albums, tours, ticket availability, my favorite burrito and sometimes, let's be honest, most of the time: I use it to find out what my fans are talking about. I'm asked constantly in interviews if I pay attention to my social media feed. This song is the answer to that question.

Sixty-three days ago, on Twitter I noticed this:


Sometimes I take requests...

I listened to the song and loved it immediately. Alicia Keys' voice is huge in this vulnerable way. And deep house is just another spin on what she's doing. I couldn't help myself. I didn't even ask for - or get - permission. I pulled the parts together myself, put them back together in my way, and sent it to her.

Sometimes Alicia Keys takes requests...

Today is the official release of Alicia Keys x Kaskade "In Common"

I hope you enjoy it.

Speak Up!

Remembering Colleen Burns

Colleen showed up in my life before the tidal wave of support had hit. And she always rose to the top of that wave. She had such an unmatched enthusiasm for life;  the fire in her eyes and that crazy infectious smile. Colleen was destined to be a star among us. She never wanted to be looked up to - it was genuine kindness, and absolute nurturing of a community she grew, from a soul that only knew love.

I feel taken apart by the news of Colleen’s passing. I’m feeling what I’m guessing you are: numb and then such sadness. This changes the landscape of our community, but I am 100% certain that we will meet again. Until then, we preserve our favorite memories with Colleen - and remember the legacy she created - based on love and joy. We will get back there, together.


Leave your thoughts here...

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Kaskade Merch Truck

This Friday - Sunday my fancy Merch Truck gonna be parked at the Peppermill in Vegas.

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#6Questions – Justin Nepomuceno

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I had to take a break from #6Questions last month because there was a thing called #KaskadeLA that was taking my attention in the extreme. But we’re back now and a fan emerged as a #6Questions guest who has been an amazing supporter for years. Everyone say hi to Justin Nepomuceno, or @TheRealJnepo as I

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#6Questions: Sam + Geeg

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Let’s Play #6Questions Again!!
Every month I ask a fan or two to let me interview them so I can get to know you guys a little better. This month I got Sam (@sammmetz)  + Geeg (@ohhmygeeg) to agree to a little computer talky-talky session. I tried to stay on script but these girls cannot be

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#6Questions: Marcelle & Myk

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This month’s #6Questions is going to be slightly different. I’d like to introduce everyone to Marcelle and Myk. These two die-hards have been supporters since before there was very much to support – gigging with me since 2002!!
I got to see them in person at the in-store Tilly’s event recently, so I did an on-the-spot

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#6Questions: Andy Armendariz

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This month for #6Questions I interviewed Andy Armendariz. There are many reasons I asked him to do this but mostly it was sheer critical mass. After introducing #6Questions last month, Andy’s name was tagged endlessly as the next candidate across all my social platforms. You guys demanded some Andy. I get it. He is clearly one of the most well-liked Kaskade listeners out

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You Sold Out

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Being Popular has never been so controversial as it is today. Pop Music has become a dirty concept, while Pop Culture remains king. Everybody wants to be somebody but nobody wants to admit that’s the goal. It’s interesting to note that the art community – music, painting, writing – is unique in that a person’s

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Big Heads

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Follow these instructions (including a video) to build your own Kaskade Big Head:


  • Big Head - roughly $20 dollars at Staples. Bring the downloaded photo on a flash drive
  • Poster board
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue Sticks
  • Tape
  • Wooden sticks (get creative! Pool noodles, balloons... whatever you can find to support the Big Head)


  1. Print out Big Head
  2. Get a poster and scissors
  3. Cut out Big Head
  4. Glue Big Head onto poster
  5. Trim poster board
  6. Tape wooden sticks on the back of the Big Head
  7. HAVE FUN!!!!


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