Asia Tour 2015 – Recap

Everything about Asia is cool. From how the crowds vibe to how the cities move. Watch this video - you'll get it.

Hands up Hong Kong, Manila, Langkawi, Shenzhen, Jakarta and Singapore. Thank you for the hospitality!


Here’s the year as I saw it – a mosaic of tweets and Instagram posts. Let me know in the comments what your favorite moments were too – in a year this loud, I might have missed a few.

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We Don’t Stop – Official Video

Excited to share the debut the video of my next single "We Don’t Stop" from "Automatic" with you guys today!!

This song is special to me for a few reasons. After playing it at Coachella, it became clear that it was the theme of my year. I was on the road more days than I was home. And you guys showed up bigger and stronger than ever before. It made sense to have this video be about you. It was shot during my #AUTOMATIC tour, and features some of the amazing faces that I was lucky enough to play to. Thank you guys - you're the inspiration. You've shown me how

We Don't Stop

My new single with yours truly on the vox:

A U T O M A T I C recap


It's a crowded moment in dance music, full of players, clowns and posers. Check my thoughts on where we at.

Aaaaannnnndddd….that’s a wrap.

#‎AUTOMATIC‬ automatic-wrap

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